Believe Animation is an entertainment company that creates and produces original animated brands, content and programming with a strong focus on character-driven stories for children and families.

Our purpose is to satisfy the world-wide need for fun, values-based, family entertainment exemplified by stories steeped in universally appealing themes of humanity and humor.

Committed to the development and delivery of branded content and entertainment that transcends cultural lines we directly engage our audiences through a fused-media platform strategy with content including animation, web-based and mobile interactive media, publishing, entertainment, broadcast, and licensing opportunities. We achieve this success by relying on strategic alliances with Balance Studios – a 3D animation and multi-media production facility – and epicsoft LLC – creating tools for the business of creativity, which gives us access to a wide range of talented animators, artists, producers, and developers, while also creating tools and applications specifically focused on the media and creative industries.

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